About Us 

Frostbite was founded in 2009 in an effort to fill in the gap in quality, technologically advanced cleaning and restoration services in the Midwest.  We utilize the most current dry ice blast cleaning processes with Coldjet equipment to take a hands on approach to your facility and equipment needs.

Frostbite  is committed to work excellence in offering the highest quality results using the leading edge technology of dry ice blast cleaning .  We offer the safest and most environmentally friendly cleaning process approved by the FDA, USDA and EPA.  We offer flexible scheduling by tailoring our program around your requirements.  We will deliver results in the promised time frame. 

We offer services 365/7/24 based on your industry needs.

We are a Bonded, Insured and Licensed Contractor


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Reasons to use Dry Ice Blast cleaning
Superior cleaning ability
Machinery can be cleaned in place
No secondary waste
Quicker clean up
Environmentally friendly
Most production lines can remain operating
Clean enough for food and medical industries
Can clean in tight areas other methods can not
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